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4 oz Papaya Soy Candle

4 oz Papaya Soy Candle

Excluding Sales Tax

Top Fragrance Notes - Tangerine, Peach
Middle Fragrance Notes - Tropical Berry
Bottom Fragrance Notes - Agave and Papaya



Papaya, fruit of the angels.


Candle tips:

☆ We recommend that the first time you burn your candle to trim your wick to a 1/4 inch before lighting, this will ensure a safe flame height and also prevent any blackening of your container.

☆ Also please let your candle liquefy completely on your first lighting to prevent tunneling.

☆ After the first burn, you may notice that your candle shows a slightly lumpy top, this is perfectly normal and is a feature of a true soy candle.

☆ You may notice slight frosting on your candles but this is also perfectly normal and indicates that our candles are made with 100% soy wax.

☆ Please never leave candles unattended or burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire. Place candle on a flat surface when burning. Make sure the surface is heat resistant. Please keep away from children and pets.

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